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About Us

About us

There is a vast potential in technical services industry in UAE Market. There is a gap between demand and quality supply. Established by the experience professionals, Emerging Horizons Technical Services is qualified to meet the challenges.

We have combined experience of more than 10 years in the services industry providing technical services in fire safety & MEP in UAE Market. We pride ourselves in proving end to end solutions for our valued customers.

Vision Statement
"Providing the highest quality services that reliably meet the customer’s prospects".

Mission Statement
​"To provide services, products and solution of highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earn their respect and loyalty".

​Our Values
​Excellence: We strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible through simple,easy and relevant solutions.

Innovative: We create leading Edge Solutions.
we value imagination & Experience.
we Empower teams.
working together we turn our ideas & technologies into solutions.

Client Centric: we create best solutions for client. Customer culture-searching for new needs to fill.

Integrity: In the sense of being consistent in our interaction and being respectful.

Knowledge: we Experts in our field.

Our Strengths

Our Personnel:
Our Engineers are trained, certified, and experienced with the products that we use and committed to the company.

Our Suppliers:
We have exclusive relationships with most of our principals like Tyco Fire & Security, Potter ,Zeta systems, which enables us to use their technical expertise in selecting the appropriate product and after sales support.

​Our Infrastructure and Resources: We have access to engineering, construction, installation, and fabrication (on-site/off-site) services within the group, which allow us to provide timely services to the client.

Our Activities
Fire Alarm, Emergency Exit Lights , Fire fighting system & CCTV installation & Maintenance.
Supply, Installation & Maintenance of all Fire Suppression system (FM 200,NOVAC1230,Inerts,Watermist,Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression system.
Refilling of All Fire Suppression system (FM 200,Novac1230,Inerts)
Room Integrity Test (Retrotec Certified).
Fire & safety Training & consultancy.
Fire rated steel & wooden doors & cabinets.
HVAC System Installation & Maintenance.
Electro mechanical Equipment Installation & Maintenance.
Plumbing Contracting.